Museu Do Futebol


The Museu Do Futebol in Sao Paulo, Brazil beautifully celebrates the history of Brazilian soccer, with special focus on the five FIFA World Cup wins. Housed in the grand old Pacaembu Stadium, there is a great deal of simple storytelling that goes beyond just the statistics of scores and teams. Visiting the museum really helps one to understand Brazil’s passion and pride for their sport.

A room full of vintage frames and photographs speak to the strong history and importance of soccer in Brazil, and connects emotionally with the museum guest. Moving to a higher-tech experience, multi-screen kiosks depict each FIFA win, as well as recounting the social trends and television personalities of the era.

There are interactive soccer game elements interspersed throughout the space, from simple table games to floor projection matches, which, on our visit, were being overrun by enthusiastic, young fans. The museum is not overly sophisticated, nor does it need to be. It very simply draws you in and tells a remarkable story.

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