Inside Chanel

Inside Chanel

Last month, the FRCH Creative Culture Committee hosted a black and white event, inspired by the mini film series, “Inside Chanel.” the event aimed to inspire us as a creative culture and to start a conversation about a notable designer and the history behind her iconic brand.

The online film series tells the story of Coco Chanel and how she built her fashion brand from the ground up. We learn about Chanel’s first store, a small hat shop, we learn about her first fragrance, Chanel No. 5 , and we learn about the fashion revolution she created, liberating females from former restrictions in women’s fashion. And while we aren’t fashion designers here at FRCH, we can find this history inspiring because we relate to the bold passion that Chanel emits and the consistent innovation that her brand is built on.

This fascinating history was depicted in the film with beautiful artistry which is what really captivated us and inspired us to create an event around the film. The story was told through bold black and white graphics combined at a fast pace with playful patterns layered onto beautiful black and white historical photographs.

When designing the event, we focused on these qualities and reproduced the graphic patterns through a black and white tape installation. We played the film via large scale video projection on the walls and ceiling, overlapping onto a series of screens, each playing a different chapter of the film. The goal was to intensify the dizzying graphic effects in the film. We also created an elegant spread of black and white food and lined the wall with a graphic piece that included inspiring quotes from Coco Chanel.

You can find the full Inside Chanel video here.

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