The Heineken Experience


Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Heineken Experience is a museum that celebrates the brand’s rich brewing history. The museum itself is located inside of the first Heineken brewery, which was established in 1867. I found my experience at the museum to be very positive due to the overall design of all the different exhibits as well as the interactive and communal aspects of the tour. I would recommend this tour for your next visit to Amsterdam and the best part is it’s only 18€ for several hours of fun!

Starting with the development of the Heineken brand’s identity, the Experience has an abundance of original artifacts dating back to the mid 1800’s. It was great to see Heineken’s original brand aesthetic and to watch it grow throughout the tour into its current identity.


The tour continued in the original brewing rooms. The design of the copper equipment was breathtaking and the stained glass windows in the industrial facility added so much history and personality to the space. At this point of the tour, you are taught the specific brewing techniques and characteristics that have made Heineken so successful.


After the brewing portion, the tour continued in a tasting room, where you can sample the freshly brewed beer. You are also taught how to correctly drink a beer: tip your head all the way back so the foam goes to the top of the glass. One of the most interesting discoveries of the tour was  that Heineken’s beer  tastes very different when it’s fresh, directly from the source. It’s definitely much more refreshing and has a unique flavor compared to the version we drink here in the U.S.

The majority of the tour had several technological and social components. This provided a high energy environment, which is very representative of the brand’s most current marketing campaign that is geared towards a younger generation. The walls and ceilings are lined with back-lit beer bottles and respond to the music the DJ was playing. Lifestyle videos are playing in a theater in the following room. There’s also an opportunity for you and your fellow travelers to make a music video and to take photos in a photo booth. Check out the online gallery.


The final destination of the tour: a Heineken bar and souvenir shop. This was a great place to meet other travelers, share the experiences from the museum and talk about the complimentary Heineken beers that you are provided with on the tour. You could even bottle and personalize your own Heineken as a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

Before completing the tour, you have the option to cash in your token for a souvenir glass or a boat cruise on the canal. And if you are lucky, you can convince the captain of the boat to let you and your friends on, even if you already claimed your souvenir glass.

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