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ForewordOn Friday, August 8th FRCH challenged our entire team to a 24-Hour Design Pop-Up Challenge. We divided the entire company into 8 cross-disciplinary teams to collaboratively create a pop-up concept within 24 hours. The winning concept will be implemented at Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival starting September 25th. Because of the inspired, original results we received, we will be sharing all 8 concepts over the next several weeks on Creative Fuel. 


Name: The Green Room (Team #5)

Concept Overview: The Green Room is a place where everyone wants to be. It’s a space where you can lounge with friends, charge your phone, hydrate at the water bar or mingle with your favorite band after their performance at the Midpoint Music Festival. In addition to providing an awesome behind-the-scenes experience, local artists have the opportunity to showcase their artwork in the pop-up shop space. This concept enhances the experience of the festival by providing a place for casual interaction with creative people.

As a way to lure in the MPMF attendees, the Green Room has an iconic music festival element parked in front of the shop: a Volkswagen bus. This serves as a landmark and will naturally create a buzz on social media. The exterior coloration and window graphics of the pop-up shop are green to provide a bright, eye-catching storefront as well as to emphasize the overall Green Room concept. A green astro turf path leads you from the sidewalk into the lounge space.

Carrying the green theme throughout the whole space, the aesthetic of the interior is defined as “elegant grunge”. The Lounge is composed of soft seating, textiles and fixtures that are all very clean and elegant. Music-inspired local artwork is installed on all the walls of the Lounge area. The local art is edgy and provides a nice contrast to the elegant elements of the space.

As you move your way through the Lounge, you will approach another space called the Water Bar. This area is dedicated to providing the festival attendees with the hydration they need after a long day of exposure to the sun. Both the Water Bar and the Lounge are essential spaces to those attending the music festival, as it provides a welcoming place to sit, hydrate and power up.

Finally, “The Green” is the area located at the back of the pop-up shop in the outdoor terrace. This is an intimate and exclusive setting for MPMF groupies to meet the object of their obsessions. This space not only provides an area for music fans to listen to and converse with their favorite bands from the festival, but also is an area for the Press to get an inside look. This opportunity is a unique addition to the festival, as it provides an opportunity for fans to meet their music idols in exchange for a donation to a Cincinnati local music charity.

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