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FRCH PopUp, Team 1Foreword: On Friday, August 8th FRCH challenged our entire team to a 24-Hour Design Pop-Up Challenge. We divided the entire company into 8 cross-disciplinary teams to collaboratively create a pop-up concept within 24 hours. The winning concept will be implemented at Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival starting September 25th. Because of the inspired, original results we received, we will be sharing all 8 concepts over the next several weeks on Creative Fuel. 

Name: Team Super Awesome (Team #1)

Concept Overview: Team #1 asked themselves, what is missing from the current MidPoint Music Festival landscape? They need a place to relax, refuel and express themselves – a place where they can create something new.

The concert goers will be driven to the space through two channels:

  • Curiosity: an LED throwie light trail from popular venues and food truck stops will lead the concert goers directly to the space.
  • Social Card: given out with simply an address and an invitation to create something new.

Image Strategy:

We didn’t just want people to see something new, we wanted them to create something new — we wanted to create a spectacle.  Concert goers would begin to see the space from a distance, as an over-scaled light canopy reaches out of the building and interacts with the streetscape in front. Once the concert goers have arrived,  they would be greeted by a completely blank canvas, everything is white, from the ceiling to the sidewalk out front. Inside there are spaces to hang out and relax, recharge electronics, refill their water supply and most importantly to socialize and collaborate. For a suggested donation, concert goers can get LED throwies and colored stickers to use to fill the walls and ceilings creating an ever changing, creative and collaborative space. All proceeds from the LED throwies would benefit a local charity.


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