Team 2, Framed @ MidPointForeword: On Friday, August 8th FRCH challenged our entire team to a 24-Hour Design Pop-Up Challenge. We divided the entire company into 8 cross-disciplinary teams to collaboratively create a pop-up concept within 24 hours. The winning concept will be implemented at Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival starting September 25th. Because of the inspired, original results we received, we will be sharing all 8 concepts over the next several weeks on Creative Fuel. 

Name: Framed@MidPoint (Team #2)

Concept Overview: Team 2 answered the challenge of connecting people, place, and experience with their concept “Framed@Midpoint.” By combining physical experience with social media, we created an additional layer of engagement and community to promote the festival and celebrate Cincinnati arts.

Midpoint is a millennial mecca presenting an opportunity to discover the next big thing and find your new favorite band- the essence of the FRCH challenge, ‘See Something New’. As music lovers flood venues throughout Over The Rhine, they’ll discover Framed@Midpoint. Concert goers suffering from auditory overload can visit between performances to engage their other senses. The building’s exterior will be transformed into a disruptive icon with brightly colored suspended frames and skin, and the storefront will feature video feeds of the activity inside and around the festival through social media posts. Inside, interactive optical effects inspired by OK Go’s The Writings On The Wall video will offer one of a kind photo-ops to discover and share, and providing a tie-in to the FrameShop’s main business and brand. The spirit of ‘See Something New’ is revealed as visitors explore the space and are forced to shift their perspective and refocus in order to capture the optical effects created by 2D graphics manipulated in 3D space.

Image Strategy:

In the spirit of pop-up, the space is designed to be fluid and flexible; a secondary space, called ‘The Midpoint’, provides an outpost for local media to host interviews and festival artists to make a surprise appearance and meet their fans, further fueling the social media potential of the program. The patio at the rear of the building will be rebranded as a guest green room, called ‘The Give & Take’, where concert goers can refresh & recharge with complimentary water and charging stations, and a nominal donation to support Cincinnati arts will be encouraged.

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