Foreword: On Friday, August 8th FRCH challenged our entire team to a 24-Hour Design Pop-Up Challenge. We divided the entire company into 8 cross-disciplinary teams to collaboratively create a pop-up concept within 24 hours. The winning concept will be implemented at Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival starting September 25th. Because of the inspired, original results we received, we will be sharing all 8 concepts over the next several weeks on Creative Fuel, starting with the winning concept. 

Name: Vinstagram (Team #6)

Concept Overview: Team Six wanted to create a vision that associated the new FRCH brand and values with a coming of age generation that is the target audience of MidPoint Music Festival, The Millennial. This is a group that grew up constantly connected, and with the ability to reach out to friends, family, and everyone around them in an instant. By understanding how this age group connects to the world around them, we decided to challenge that moment of digital connection, and give them a moment of real connection.

Upon further investigation into MidPoint Music Festival (MPMF), we began to realize that this festival wasn’t only about the millennial audience; it is a city-wide event that brings together many different generations all enjoying music and the revitalization of the city of Cincinnati.

The vision of utilizing social media, specifically Instagram, to translate the digital to the physical quickly came to fruition. With Instagram anyone can be the next Ansel Adams, but often the moment comes and goes without the lasting memory.  How often do we now see the glow of a phone at a concert, during an event, or in front of a great piece of art? Individuals now take a multitude of photos and videos to remember a specific period in time, without being in the moment to recount the memory themselves. Our team designed an experience that will give people a physical object that will be a constant trigger to a MPMF memory. Utilizing new media that is familiar to a millennial, and old media that will appeal to all generations, we will visually connect festival goers to a group, en masse, and share the overall MPMF experience.

Image Strategy:

In order to maintain an association with MPMF, we created a focal element that relates to the reason everyone is in the neighborhood – the music. Through the inspiring images that our team found, we opted for a sculpture of deconstructed musical instruments. The drama of the lighting and shadows will engage and entice anyone who enters. This piece of art would also allow us to identify with a non-profit organization in the community that supports the local arts, and is aligned with the FRCH values and vision. All proceeds acquired from the take-away will be donated to the identified charity.

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