24-Hour Pop-Up Design Challenge

Pop-Up Challenge, FrameShop, OTRIn light of our new internal brand launch, FRCH has challenged our team to a 24-Hour Design Pop-Up Challenge. What exactly is a 24-Hour Pop-Up Design Challenge you ask?? We’ve divided the entire company into 8 cross-disciplinary teams (blending designers with architects and architects with human resources…) to collaboratively create a pop-up concept within 24 hours.

Each team will be responsible for presenting their concept – including sketches and image strategy – to a panel of judges who will determine the winning team. Judging criteria will be based not only on how creative the concept is, but also how well the idea brings the FRCH brand and core values to life. This challenge is a firm-wide rally call to put our new brand proposition into action, leveraging our values and collective talents to create a pop-up concept! It’s a bold introduction of our new brand to ourselves and the community. The winning concept will actually be implemented in a storefront in the unique, Over-The-Rhine neighborhood during Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival (September 25-27, 2014). MidPoint, which first launched in 2002, now draws over 35,000 people from across the Midwest and showcases some of indie rock’s best up-and-coming bands, in more than ten venues across downtown Cincinnati. Just some of this year’s headliners include OK Go, The Raveonettes and Chromeo.

The storefront we will be utilizing for the pop-up is The FrameShop, a one-of-kind space using the classic 19th century Italianate architecture the OTR neighborhood is so well-known for. The store offers custom framing with a focus on unusual frames and nontraditional materials, most commonly, reclaimed wood. Rather than displaying thousands of choices, they have a more curated collection of between 100 and 200 frames on display at a time. During the month of September, their business will continue to function out of their workshop across the street, the original storefront will be emptied to become a blank canvas to be painted by the creative minds of FRCH-ers!

We encourage you check back to Creative Fuel for updates on the challenge and follow us along the way as we implement the winning design! **Update: See the results of our pop-up challenge here!**

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