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Are you tired of some loudmouth radio DJ telling you what the “song of the summer” is? Me too! So why not allow your fellow coworkers do it instead? Pull up your blinds (unless the sunlight obstructs your neighbor’s screen) and catch some summer .wav-s!

It’s impossible to go the entire months of June, July, and August without rolling down the windows (or, if you’re Mike Davin, meticulously removing the canvas from your Jeep Wrangler) and blasting that one song that really encompasses what summer means to you. That one song that transports you to a beach, a backyard BBQ, a music festival, a slip and slide; wherever you kill time doing a whole lot of nothing or a whole lot of something.

Just in case you may have misplaced that summer song, a few of us have loaded the FRCH Spotify Playlist with some jams to jog your memory! Don’t like what we put up there? Then load up the playlist with some of your favorites! Don’t use spotify? Then post what YOUR summer jam is in the comments section of this post, and tell us why it’s your favorite summer track if you feel so inclined. Check out a few quotes from some of our contributors below:

“I have no quotes about any of these songs, except they are feel-good summer tunes that make me want a cold beverage!”
– Kayla Reinbold

“Summer makes you feel like you’re on a beach with an exotic beverage, even if you’re in Cincinnati with a lukewarm Hudy.”
– Emily Hamilton

“Summer songs are the songs that make me drive 2 miles over the speed limit instead of 1.”
– Jon Lewis

” They are an audio tattoo; permanently inked into my mind to associate with a memory specific to the summer that they were major hits.”
– Ben Williams

“Summer is about moments of relaxation, enjoying the outdoors and connecting with loved ones. The best summer soundtracks make these moments even better with carefree melodies and lyrics that inspire you to sing along.”
– Cristina Ferrari

 Keep those propane tanks full and the volume at 11 FRCH!

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