SOCIAL SPORT: Reds With MLB’S Ballpark Technology


This year the Cincinnati Reds have introduced some technology upgrades at Great American Ballpark to help fans connect socially and personalize their ballpark experience. New this year at the stadium is the “Reds Connect Zone,” (located along 3rd base line), which includes 25 screens, multiple charging stations and free wi-fi. A few of the displays are devoted solely to fan photos, Tweets, and Facebook polls.

In addition, the Reds have installed iBeacons around the ballpark to integrate with Major League Baseball’s new stadium app “At the Ballpark.” The app features automated check-in for offers and rewards, mobile food ordering, and seat or experience upgrades. This app is a virtual hub for all of the game’s information and ballpark’s upgrades, while letting it be a personalized history for each fan’s ballpark experience. Connecting with the younger, tech-savvy fans will strengthen the fan base and bring in more revenue for the teams as businesses are connected to consumers. Both of these additions, along with allowing fans to see instant replays on the video board, are showing how Major League Baseball is trying to make technology an integral part of the game experience.


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