Beyond the Earbuds | 5 Deep Cuts from 1 FRCHer

good news!
Good news everyone! I’ve emerged from underneath my pile of expense reports and Construction Documents with a handful of cuts for your listening pleasure. I wasn’t able to curate a list from random employees, so you’ll have to put up with my musical taste this week. Enjoy?
ray charles Ray Charles – Mess Around

One of his first big hits, and the song that exposed me to Ray Charles as a child, while watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with my father.




Kvelertak-Bruane-Brenn Kvelertak – Bruane Brenn

From Norway, where all the best metal comes from honestly.

Translated, Kvelertak means “stranglehold” and Bruane Brenn means “burning bridge”, which pretty much reveals what this band is about. Blue Collar lyrics about wanting to clock out and tie one on with your closest friends. Also, the video for this song is pretty funny.


51LWUY-VYALDillinger Four – Fireside Chat

This song single handedly made me start a band. What a huge mistake that was.





Idina Menzel – Let it Go (Frozen Soundtrack)

Sorry Demi Lovato, but nobody can deny the brilliance of Menzel’s vocal delivery on this song. Perfect  blend of attitude and grace. Gives me chills…Pun intended?



613nH6LxfRLDead to Me – Special Professional

A bunch of guys in a bunch of different San Francisco punk bands joined forces and the result was this gem of a record, Cuban Ballerina. I actually wore out my vinyl copy of this.



As always, you can listen to these songs and more FRCH hand picked cuts on the spotify playlist!

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