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May is Bike Month. In addition to increasing safety awareness, cities across the nation plan events to promote bicycling for transportation, fitness or just for fun. This May, my awareness has been increased with respect to the amazing new design in bicycles and accessories that are available to the avid cyclist, or even the occasional rider.

Smart BikeVanhawks Valour: The first ever connected carbon fiber bicycle.

This bicycle was designed for personal safety. It uses low energy bluetooth to connect to the rider’s smartphone. It gives turn by turn navigation so riders can keep their eyes on the road. LED Indicators signal as the rider approaches the next turn. It has blind-spot detection and it takes note of the safety of the route that was previously taken. It suggests new routes based on potholes, bike lanes and even hills.

This bike is available for purchase through Kickstarter at roughly $1,000




CYCLO One: The Ultimate Urban Bicycle

The former Nike Design Director, Eric Duvachelle created The CYCLO One keeping in mind performance, functionality and style. This handcrafted bike has integrated dynamo powered head and tail lights that are on as long as the bike is moving and never require batteries. Instead of a chain, it has a carbon belt to prevent worry about dirty pant legs. The minimalist frame is constructed with lightweight materials to allow the owner to carry easily.

This bike is not available yet, but you can add your name to the waitlist.



Hubless Bike

Sada Bike: Hubless Bicycle Prototype

There have been many prototypes for a folding bicycle. In the past, designs compromised stability for portability. Italian designer Gianluca Sada has created a foldable bicycle with spokeless wheels. The wheels are anchored to the frame by track clamps to allow for the bike to be disassembled and quickly folded. Although the wheels are a separate carry, the folded frame is comparable to the size of a typical umbrella.

Watch this bike in action on YouTube

Visit Sada’s website to learn more about the prototype.



Wine Holder

Bicycle Wine Rack

If you are planning on taking a leisurely stroll to the park for a picnic, and your Auntie Em basket is already full with baguette and fruit salad, then you will need this!

This handmade holster has brass fasteners that clamp securely and keep your bottle safe and secure during your commute.

You can purchase one of these for roughly $40 at Cool Material.





Growler Carrier

Leather Bike Growler Carrier

If instead of a picnic you are commuting to a reunion, then you might want to bring a large sample of your latest home brew. In which case, you will need this growler carrier. According to its creator, bikes and craft beer just seem to go hand-in-hand. I tend to agree.

You can grab one of these for your next reunion (or to your next jug band gig) for $95 at Meriwether of Montana.






Flask Mount

Mud Flask

If instead of a picnic or reunion you are commuting to a sporting event, concert, funeral or church, then you will need this seat mounted flask carrier. Portlanders know what’s up. Of course it is much more inconspicuous to carry hard liquor in water bottles, but that opens the door for self sabotage when you are legitimately parched.

On the other hand, this could just be a fun and alternative way to hold your electrolytes. Either way, you can grab one for $35 at Ahearne Cycles.




There are so many innovative bicycles on the market and more gadgets, gizmos and gear available to compliment them. The rainy month of May has me yearning for my bicycle and to get back into full swing with the FRCH Cycle Team. I am starting to get impatient with the weather, and beginning to feel like the kid in Wedding Crashers – although it is out of context, “I just wanna Bicycle!”

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