Beyond the Earbuds | 5 Songs From 5 FRCHers

Holy Potatoes Batman, we made it to Friday! Why not celebrate with a couple of deep cuts hand picked by your co-workers?


Seldom Seen KidElbow – One Day Like This
(picked by: Angela Denney – Interior Design)





Pharrell-Williams-Ft.-Miley-Cyrus-Come-Get-It-Bae-LyricsPharrell – Come Get It Bea
(picked by: Emily Hamilton – Marketing)





51Egz0AZZnLMariah Carey – Emotions
(picked by: George Liu – Architecture)





DopaminesVicesThe Dopamines – 10 Stories (sigh…)
(picked by: Craig Bonifas – Architecture)





rudiRudimental – Free
(picked by: Matt Wyatt – I.T.)





Thanks to Angela, Emily, George, Craig, and Matt for their submissions! Don’t forget, all these songs can be found on the FRCH Spotify playlist!



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