Dramatic and Simple Displays


The illusion of three dimensional space can be achieved using flat artwork installed in layers for depth.  Theater sets have used this visual form for centuries.


This example shows a chocolate store window in Paris discovered during our recent EuroShop visit. The simple forms and color make for an impactful display.


Creating the effect is quite simple.  Each layer is made as a separate piece of artwork.  Multiple layers of the same art can be reproduced at smaller and smaller scales to achieve a greater sense of depth.  The pieces are cut out and mounted on a substrate, then placed in the scene.

Set3When assembled, the effect is very convincing, even in a shallow display.  This one (above) is only one inch thick.


With a larger scale display, LED lights can be placed between the layers of art for a more theatrical and dramatic effect.



We recently helped the Cincinnati Opera with a mobile Opera project.  The goal is to drive the truck from one event to another and get people inspired, or introduced to Opera for the first time.  This layering technique worked well for a small and challenging space.


The finished result should be a dramatic and whimsical moment for any street fair or event in the future.

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