Tesla, Arguably the World’s Best Car Brand

tesla-model-s-logo-628If you haven’t heard about Tesla lately, you might be living under a rock. Nearly every other week they make the news with a new accolade received or award won. To put this in context – this is a car company; an American car company; and the Model S is the first car they’ve ever built from scratch. You have to ask yourself, how is this even possible?

The answer is simple when you break it down to the basic idea – Tesla set out to design, build and sell the world’s best car, and according to many, they’ve achieved just that. It’s almost counterintuitive, but the fact that this is their first car has given them a unique advantage – starting from scratch.  Tesla started by thinking about the experience of driving their car and everything else was just a design challenge.


This approach is a great example of brand-centric thinking. Tesla created their vision – their brand – and used that as their guidepost for every aspect of their business. The design of the car is an achievement on its own. The extraordinary performance and safety is exceptional. But where their branding acumen truly shines is in the delivery of the Tesla experience across all of their touchpoints.

closeupTheir website is focused and presents the most important information. It breaks down cost barriers by helping would-be buyers estimate the total cost of ownership and the savings they could realize.  Tesla stores and galleries give a high-end experience that is approachable and makes the car and the technology that goes into it the stars. Above all, it’s completely unlike any other car researching and buying experience out there and it’s all in an effort to defend and consistently communicate the Tesla brand.

design-studioIf you get the chance, stop by one of their stores. Even if you’re not a car person, I bet you’ll be interested and excited by it.

Images via Tesla

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  1. adriannekorczynski says:

    For anyone in the Cincinnati Area – Kenwood Towne Center has a Branded test-drive area with a number of hot little Teslas! Worth checking out – in the northwest parking garage near the Gymboree/Bebe entrance.

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