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Okay, so admittedly I am a little obsessed with signage, dating way back to when I was first able to read — I would ride along in the family van reading each and every sign as we traversed the roads and highways of southern California. Maybe it was all the trips from SoCal through the desert and arriving in Las Vegas, the mecca of neon and flashing lights, that got me hooked. Or maybe it was the sign to my grandfathers pizza restaurant up in C-Bus (Columbus Ohio for anyone not familiar with central Ohio) that solidified my passion for old school typography and neon.


Rubino’s Pizza is coming up on sixty years of serving the Bexley community, and the original sign dates back to early days of neon and chasing lights. This relic has miraculously survived decades, despite the numerous trucks and cars that have crashed into its concrete base.


I particularly love the arrow element adorned with old school yellow bulbs, which lead you straight to some of the most authentic no-frills pizza in the mid-west. Next time you’re up in C-Bus go get yourself some of the original cracker thin crust cut into a grid and check out the sign sitting in the parking lot. She may be a little rusty and not all the bulbs will be working but that is half the beauty of it.

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