Welcome Back PAVE 3D Student Design Winners

Globalshop PAVE Design ChallengeThe Fall marks the beginning of a new school year and the welcoming of our Fall Semester student co-ops.  We recently welcomed back Catherine Murray, Micah Washington, and Yuan Zeng who spent the previous Spring Semester with us and helped us with our FRCH booth at GlobalShop 2013 in Chicago, the largest annual visual merchandising trade show and conference for the retail design industry.   The three University of Cincinnati DAAP Interior Design students were invited to attend GlobalShop as Finalists of the PAVE 3D Student Design Challenge sponsored by Van Stry Design.  While in Chicago, Catherine and Micah’s design received an Honorable Mention while Yuan’s design took First Place.  We are excited to welcome (and welcome back) ALL of our student co-ops from the University of Cincinnati DAAP Program, which was recently named the third best design school in the world by Business Insider!  What follows are some of Cat, Micah, and Yuan’s thoughts about the GlobalShop experience through their eyes. 

In addition to being serenaded by a mariachi band, meeting students from the other side of the globe and chowing on German hangover stew (FYI, we were not hungover) we got to see twelve fixtures designed by fellow students from around the world, displayed proudly amongst all the vendors at GlobalShop. It was our first time at the show and we had no idea how much stuff there would be to see and interact with. Despite being there for two days, there didn’t seem to be enough time to experience all there was at GlobalShop.

Yuan Zeng First PlaceDesign by Yuan Zeng

From the handful of laps we took around the floor, it didn’t come as a surprise that the coolest things we saw centered around technology. There were transparent touchscreen displays capable of showcasing physical product while projecting interactive information on the display, edgeless monitors and small screens that could be integrated into books or magazines for an added wow-factor, but for us, the highlight of the entire show was the student design fixtures. For the competition we had to design a fixture capable of displaying a headphone brand of our choice. There weren’t many duplicate headphone brands out of the twelve that were there and to see how the brand translated into a fixture was very nice. We also got the chance to talk with students from all over the US, Serbia and India to get a glimpse of how they took on the project.

Catherine and MicahDesign by Catherine Murray and Micah Washington

Attending the A.R.E. awards ceremony was also very memorable. We got to see the top retail spaces and hear from the people who designed them. Being able to put a face to the names behind the designs that inspire us is something that we haven’t experienced much in our young careers. Though all of that, combined with Globalshop, was thrilling, being able to explore the great city of Chicago and enjoy the company of friends is something that can’t go unmentioned.

chicago dinnerDinner at the Publican with fellow FRCH designers, lunch at Quality Meats with our professor, and drinks and card games with a student from Long Beach, CA are some of the most memorable moments of our trip. These things go to show that no matter what accolade you achieve, or where you are in the world, experiences and friendships make all the difference.

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