Greetings from the French Riviera!

While this is not exactly how I spent my summer vacation, a recent business trip to the south of France, most notably Marseilles, San Tropez, Cannes, and Antibes (tough ride, I know!), has proven to be a cache of inspiration. But what fascinates me most here are not the typical over-the-top-expensive, lux designer salons (and we saw plenty of those, too), but what retailers and restaurateurs were able to achieve in extremely small, unconventional spaces with amazing results. In most instances, bigger rarely meant better. Tiny alleyways became the most romantic and energetic bars and dining rooms.

Wonderful views to shop interiors became the storefront windows, a single snapshot of impression was all it took to tell the story. And as always, the French simply have their way of truly artful expression.

And to that end, we stayed in an amazing hotel at a stop in Marseilles. It was the Intercontinental Hotel and was simple, staggering beauty. One voice. Very elegant. Very engaging. Very French. Bon appetite!

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  1. Great photos – I just had lunch in Antibes today! Thanks for visiting my blog too.

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