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On a recent visit to San Francisco for the SEGD Conference: Above The Fog, I had the luxury of staying at the Fairmont Hotel, a historic hotel in the heart of the city sitting atop Nob Hill, which happened to be the site of this years conference. While the opulent public space was something to behold, there was one detail that was a significant stand-out for me, which combined my love for craft beer and a trend we’ve been tracking in the hospitality and food & beverage industries.
More and more we hear about sustainability in all markets, and “farm to plate” is one of them that everyone in the food & beverage industry is conscious of — whether dabbling in it, owning it, or deciding to just stay away. The Fairmont Hotel is an example of the hospitality industry leveraging location and farm to plate sustainability in their partnership with Almanac Beer Co., creating a proprietary offering, The Fairmont Honey Saison. What makes this craft brew unique is the use of honey harvested from the roof top gardens of the Fairmont Hotel. Now we all know that tooting your own horn on sustainability can be a bit trite, but this happens to be a great subtle way to get credit for it, and its tastes good too.
Tasting notes:
A (Appearance): Pours a light golden / peach color with a 1.5-2 finger light beige head with medium retention and slight haze.
S/A (Smell/Aroma): Strong and apropos honey notes with light floral hop character. Light malt and yeast aroma. No alcohol detectable.
T (Taste): Light and refreshing with nectar-like honey sweetness. Quite dry as you would expect with honey. Well balanced flavor where the belgian yeast doesn’t overpower the honey flavor notes (honey is the hero of this brew).
M (Mouthfeel): Smooth and creamy with dry sweetness, seamless and uniting – perfect for a Saison. Medium carbonation that is suitable for the flavor and style which lends nicely to the creaminess and drinkability.
D/O (Drinkability/Overall impression): Yes! Alcohol is concealed and somewhat dangerous at 7% ABV (drinks like its 5% and sessionable ale). Very smooth. Best consumed out of the proper tulip shaped glass preferred for belgians allowing the flavor and aroma to dance on the senses. Absolutely loved this offering and would tap the bank account to get some more some day.
I consider this brew a triple threat: Sustainability, Collaboration and 7% ABV.

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