Be Bright | Gap Falls Into Color

Fall is always colorful.  The leaves turn to bright shades of yellow and orange, crisp Macintosh apples glow a rich red, and the sky is full of bright blue.  Why then, should an autumn collection be void of all color? Exactly.  It shouldn’t.

After many years of beige, taupe, and gray headlining their fall collection, GAP’s Autumn 2012 “Be Bright” campaign looks contemporary, fresh, and vibrant.  Jeans and cords range in color from “raspberry sorbet” to “tropic green.”  Sweaters and dresses feature bold patterns such as polka dots in bubblegum pink and nautical stripes with yellow accents.  Focusing on classic cuts and styles—or “icons” as Gap coins them—in bright colors and contemporary details, GAP not only reaches an edgier, style-savvy crowd but maintains their brand loyalists by bringing them along to their “BRIGHT” future.

Colored cords and a bold sweater combine for an updated fall look. puts GAP fashions in the hands of style mavens for an eclectic, trendy look.

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