Architecture and Fashion Collide with United Nude Footwear

The architecturally-inspired footwear of United Nude proves that artists and designers who seek inspiration from sources outside of their disciplines can yield captivating results. UN’s shoe designs stand out through unique concepts and details that push the boundaries of footwear in terms of form, structure, and materiality.

Rooted in the fact that both fashion and architecture exist as space created for the human body at different scales, the relationship between the two has fascinated designers since the birth of high fashion. Architects such as Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid along with fashion designers like Hussein Chalayan have explored the connections and departures of the two seemingly disparate mediums. While the inherent differences between fashion and architecture could lead to problems if translated too literally (with the exception of Halloween costumes, of course), it’s refreshing to see designers drawing ideas from outside of their industry in order to push their work.

Check out some of United Nude’s designs with corresponding architectural works below. And while we’re at it…let’s ponder something: How do you get inspired to design an architectural space for architecturally-inspired merchandise? Say that quickly 7 times and then refer to United Nude’s retail environments, as seen in the Amsterdam flagship store below. UN’s store concepts use simple but striking backlit niches to highlight the unique forms and profiles of their shoes – a straightforward, sleek, and effective display system that considers both the product and its architectural presence within the interior. Well played, United Nude!

See more shoe designs at Can you find any more architectural concepts in their designs?

PHOTO CREDITS: |  Linear House by Patkau Architects | Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects | Beijing National Stadium by Herzog & de Meuron  |  Sydney Opera House by Jørn Utzon  |  Zozobra Noodle Bar by BK Architects  |
Pavilniai Regional Park Residence by G. Natkevicius & Partners
Casa Fez by Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira
Mercabarna-Flor by Willy Muller Architects
Ljubno ob Savinji Residence by Anton Žižek and Marjan Poboljšaj
Melbourne Recital Center by Ashton Raggatt McDougal Architects
Trojan House by Jackson Clements Burrows
YTL Residence by Jouin Manku

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