Postcards From Europe – Part 2

My Mom always said my postcards may have been pictures of the places I’d been, but my messages were always about what I’d eaten. I love to cook. I love to eat well. And I love to travel and visit with other foodies.
In Holland I stayed with friends, who live in a small village south of Amsterdam, foodies of course. He is the entrée and dessert man, she the queen of salads and all things vegetarian. We shopped, we cooked, we ate well.I learned several new things – how to make gravalax – and brought home many new recipes. The most deliciously decadent is included here – Swedish Crème.

Eet smakeliijk!!!
Swedish Crème and Strawberries

2 pounds strawberries
2 ½ c whipping cream
¾ sugar
2 c sour cream
1 pkt Knox gelatin
1 pkt vanilla sugar or 1 TBS sugar + 1 tsp vanilla

Note: This recipe makes approximately 5 cups of crème. Fruit is additional.

1. Select, clean and hull strawberries; should have 1 ¼ to 1 ½ lbs of good strawberries. Reserve 8 or so of the best strawberries for garnish. Halve or quarter if large, the remaining berries.
2. Heat the whipping cream to scalding – DO NOT BOIL. When hot add sugar, take off fire and stir till sugar is dissolved.
3. Soften gelatin in cold water for 1 minute. Prepare a larger pan with cold water and a few ice cubes. Add gelatin to whipping cream. Cool the mixture in the cold water. Stir while cooling; do not let a film/skin form on the mixture.
4. In a large bowl, add vanilla sugar to the sour cream and mix. Fold whipping cream into sour cream.
5. Distribute fruit among 6 to 8 small bowls (shallow is good) in one layer. Cover the fruit completely with the crème. Refrigerate overnight.
6. Serve with a strawberry garnish – whole, sliced vertical or horizontal, or chopped and sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar.
Notes: The first time I made this (under the tutelage of my cooking buddy in Holland) we used individual gratin dishes, which made 7 generous servings. The next time I made it (at home) I used one large bowl with a total capacity of 3 ½ cups.
Leftovers filled 3 ramekins with 6 oz cap each.

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  1. cheshire93 says:

    This sounds delicious, I’ll definitely have to try it!!

    Do you know if there’s any history behind it? Like is it a winter dessert, or the favourite of some old queen?

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