We recently completed our flying pig in time for the World Choir Games.  Titled “Gaga for Cincinnati”, it is based on Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress.

Like with all design challenges we started with a concept sketch.  This one was created by our University of Cincinnati co-op Kayla Reinbold and was used for both the team’s direction and inspiration as well as the Big Pig Gig committee’s  approval process.

Our pig arrived at the office with a coat of grey primer and a smile.  A lot of work was ahead of the team.

The first challenge was how to make her famous Alien Shoes and have them not only fit a pig, but have them support her as well.  A wooden structure was made and a lot of foam was carved away to get the initial shape.

They were then covered in fiberglass and blinged-out with diamonds and a zipper.

Paint and make-up was next.  Her fleshy tone was applied with latex acrylic paint.

She wouldn’t be Lady Gaga without her tattoos.  Only on the left side of her body, of course (look it up, it’s true).

Fish nets were next and posed a bit of a challenge.  Chartpak tape was used to get the accuracy we needed, then each joint was covered with a rhinestone.

Everything is better with bacon.  Adrianne Korczynski photographed several strips of bacon in her kitchen and had them printed, with Doug Bunker’s help, on Sintra Plastic which was easily bent and shaped with a heat gun.

Our Girl was then clear coated and set on her concrete base and placed in front of Nada across from the Aronoff Center where several of the World Choir Game events are taking place. Since Lady Gaga herself is a global phenomenon its been great to see Little Monsters visiting Cincinnati from all over the world stopping to pose for pictures with her. Many thanks to our team:  Adrianne Korczynski, Kelli Lear, Doug Bunker, Nick Azbell, Cristina Ferrari, Kayla Reinbold, Michael Chaney and Jim Stapleton.

For more information on why there are flying pigs throughout Cincinnati, click here.

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3 Responses to Pig GAGA

  1. KateKreimer says:

    I’m gaga 4 Gaga!! Thank you Team Gaga!!!

  2. m. gerhardt says:

    Love it! Great job, folks.

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