The Ripple Effect

On Saturday, March 31st FRCH Design Worldwide along with UC Surgeons, hosted “THE RIPPLE EFFECT” a benefit for Bethany House Services at the Corbett Opera Center in Music Hall here in Cincinnati.  Bethany House provides Housing, Education and Assistance to Homeless and Disadvantaged Women and Children.  Click here for a video of the event.

FRCH’s involvement in this benefit came about in several different ways.  First my neighbor, Susan Emerson and her husband Dan Ansel, are big supporters of Bethany House and had invited my wife Beth and I to one of the Bethany House benefits several years ago.  I am always interested in helping to support causes that are near and dear to others, especially when they put their heart, soul and hard work into making a difference.  Susan and Dan did exactly that and the result was Susan’s benefit show “The Ripple Effect” with her friends Jeff Waxman and Lisa Asher.

It was a terrific show that I thought should be seen by others.

Separately, I had on and off discussions with a couple of my friends and colleagues in the Hospitality Studio at FRCH about how we might open a Pop Up Restaurant for one night a year or something else crazy like that.  Great ideas like this often occur while eating great food along with wine in conversation with your friends.  We thought, “Why not?”.  We design great environments for our clients, we love great experiences, we love food and wine and on occasion we’re asked by a client like the Cincinnati Opera to help them envision their own benefits.  We can do this, or at least something like it.  It was all really just an idea until the night Sister Mary Stanton came calling.  She asked my wife and I if we could host an event for Bethany House.  I thought about what she said for a couple of days, and before I said yes, it struck me that producing an event for Bethany House was a terrific way for FRCH Design Worldwide to use our talents for the benefit of others.

And so all that remained was the really hard work in front of us……..

It didn’t take long to enlist a team to envision and create the event.  It took even less time for clients like Cincinnati Opera and partners like Artonomy, Harlan Graphics, Dickinson Contract Marketing, Art Design Consultants and others to join us.

Our goal was to create a totally unforgettable and memorable event with Susan’s show at its heart.  The FRCH team created a night of Food and Wine Pairings centered around Spring and Sustainability.  Each course came with its own bottle of wine and a graphic description of the food pairing.  We prepared and served all of the food ourselves in custom made Mirrored Picture Frames from Artonomy.  The Wine Pairings were served in recycled Wine Bottle Glasses.  At the end of the night all of the guests were able to take these Picture Frames and Wine Glasses home as mementos of the event.

The event was a tremendous success and there was an outpouring of emotion that was truly unexpected.  Our modest goal was to raise $10,000 for Bethany House along with raising awareness of their needs.  The end result was that we raised $20,000 and we learned that we could make a difference with some help from our friends.

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  1. benwilliams says:

    This was very fun and Susan was great. I would definitely volunteer at another event if asked.

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