World Choir Games 2012

The City of Cincinnati is dressed in its best to host the 2012 World Choir Games, currently underway in venues throughout the city.  The World Choir Games began in 2000 and is the largest choir competition in the world.  Its motto is “Singing Together Brings Nations Together”.  This week, Cincinnati becomes the first city in the USA to host the event, which has previously been hosted in Austria, South Korea, Germany and China.  A quick walk through downtown today was truly inspirational.  I’m so proud of my city I had to write about it!

Walking the streets today I could feel the energy in the air.  Touted as “11 Days of Global Harmony”, the event has brought hundreds of choirs and thousands of visitors from across the globe to our city.  In the midst of the hottest summer in years – 101 degrees today, possibly hotter tomorrow – people are OUT.  Walking, laughing, discussing cultures, and most of all, singing.   Further proof that music is truly the universal language of the world.  I heard an interesting conversation between people of two completely different cultures and age groups discussing in broken english the fact that the Temptations made some of the “best music ever”.  A detour through Carew Tower brought a happy surprise as I stumbled on a small choir singing for a group of onlookers, just ‘because’.  The sound was beautiful reverberating off the hallways of that huge old building, and they knew it.

The energy built as I approached what appeared to be the center of it all, Fountain Square.  Throughout the event, every day, there are free shows on the Square featuring a wide range of musical performances.  Within ten minutes I saw a wonderful choral performance by a group from Cleveland, Ohio, followed by a choreographed performance by a group of dancers from Germany.

It’s great to be able to experience this gathering of cultures firsthand, in our own backyard.  Everywhere I looked today in my brief walk for lunch, there was excitement and genuine happiness.  Harmony.  This is how it should be every day.  But alas, it is only for a short time.  If you live anywhere near Cincinnati I strongly encourage you to come downtown and check it out for yourself.  I have a feeling that this is something we are going to talk about for a long time, and we’ll miss it when our guests are gone.  I can only hope that they feel the same way about their visit to Cincinnati.

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