Postcards From Europe

This year I traveled to two capitals of Europa – Prague and Vienna.  Not just capitals of their countries, Czech Republic and Austria, respectively, but also two of the top PASTRY capitals of Europe and the world!  And CAFÉ (as in coffee) capitals!  Pastry and café go hand-in-hand, as in inseparable.

Photo above: Too many choices at Gerstner’s Café!

Ahhh!  “Coffee and…….” is a way of life.  It’s an expression of a joyous and enjoyable lifestyle centered in the cafés in both cities.  Cafés are the “social media” sites – with or without internet hot-spots.  They are the places to see and be seen, enjoy a coffee, tea or aperitif, catch up on the doings of the day with friends, family and cohorts, to expand your horizon and possibly your waistline.  Though cafés offer a wide variety of refreshment, their real heart lies in their pastry offerings.  Ahhhhhh!!

These magnificent concoctions are served with the most delicious koffies – long, short, with or without sugar and cream – accompanied by a small glass of water or an eau de vie or a brandy!

Photo’s: Cupcake window display at Gerstner’s and a Berries and cream tarte with koffie – heaven!

Some of the best cafés are in the museums, which makes that third museum of the day sooooo worthwhile!  Though most cafés are situated conveniently along the streets, eager to give you a respite from all the walking and a table to spread your tour books and, of course, ‘post’ your location with foto.

I almost answered the great question of the trip – How many “koffie and…’s” can one truly appreciate in one day?  It takes pacing yourself.  And remember breakfast always comes with cake!!!

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  1. If you liked Prague you should Visit Bratislava. Slovakia gets less attention than it’s western neighbor, but is a great Country! Bratislava is a quiet city but full of culture and has quite an interesting history. The pastries look delicious in your Pictures!

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