Meeting Evita at Recoleta

(edited by Jennifer Eng)

In my lifetime, I never thought I would have the opportunity to meet Evita, yes, ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ Evita Peron!

I called my Mom and Dad that evening from a park near the Recoleta Cemetery in the heart of Buenos Aires Argentina. In an emotional state, I told them that I loved them, and thanked them for raising me and for giving me the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Previously, Buenos Aires was not on my list of places to see. I have dreamt of visiting Vienna, Hanoi, and hundreds of other cities, but for some reason Buenos Aires never come to mind.

Everything about Buenos Aires is beautiful: the buildings, the parks, the statues, even the people. I could go on and on about it in great detail, but one experience that will stay in my heart was a tranquil evening trip to Recoleta Cemetery. I had read about it in tour books, but it didn’t immediately jump out at me as a place to see. So, after a long walk around Buenos Aires, the thought came to mind and I found my way to Recoleta.

As I walked through cobblestone streets to the cemetery, it was quiet and there was a crisp feeling in the air. I suddenly remembered, DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA. I had heard the name Recoleta before, but hadn’t associated it with Evita Peron. Mrs. Juan Peron was buried there, so I quickened my pace, wanting to find Evita’s tombstone before it got too dark.

My jaw dropped upon entry as my eyes danced from one beauty to another. The cemetery itself is small, but mighty in architectural detail, with intricate mausoleums one more lavish than the next. Complete with serene statues, plaques, exquisite ironwork and stained glass honoring the presidents, generals, socialites and the rich and famous of Buenos Aires.

As I strolled the magnificent walkway through the cemetery, tucked down a small unglamorous path, I saw several people bringing red roses and taking pictures. I stopped. My gaze led me to the black marble mausoleum of the Duarte Family.  In the plaque engraved: EVA PERON. I met Evita, and I did not cry, she told me not to…

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  1. benwilliams says:

    Great story. Great pictures. Excellent ending.

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