Keeneland Celebration 2012

FRCH recently held its annual Celebration and trip to Keeneland race track.  This day happens once a year and is our way to recognize the hard work of our employees, our projects over the past year and our clients.  For everyone here at FRCH, it’s also an indication that Spring is finally here!

Our annual trip to Keeneland is a tradition that began in 1985 as a way for us to celebrate the coming of Spring and spend a day soaking up the inspiring sights, sounds and excitement of horse racing.  It has always held a special place in the hearts of FRCH employees, past and present, and is always a memorable experience.  This year continued the tradition with true FRCH style.

When we arrived at FRCH in the morning, the lobby and atrium had been transformed with over-sized flowers and decor signalling the arrival of Spring.  Live music and plenty of food and drinks started the day’s celebration.  The recognition of our employees culminated in the annual Fitzgerald Award Ceremony.  Then it was off to the races!

Like FRCH, Keeneland has a long history of its own.  It is known as one of the nation’s most historic and beautiful race tracks.  Although I’m not aware of anyone winning ‘big’,  it was a beautiful day and all of us were able to enjoy the great weather and come home with some wonderful new Keeneland memories.

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