Inspired by Stephanie Calabrese Roberts’ book  “The Art of iPhoneography“, I  had the opportunity to practice some iphone photography in Lima, Peru. The architecture and scenery in this decades-old city made the exercise easy! Focusing on using the Lo-Mob, Hipstamatic, and Photosynth apps, here are a few of my favorite places. Above, a panoramic view of the Plaza Mayor, photographed with Photosynth.

The Cathedral and the plaza fountain were shot using Hipstamatic.

Lo-Mob is probably my favorite app, because you shoot with the regular iphone camera, open the camera roll in Lo-Mob, and it applies filters to the image for you to select from. The sidewalk art below has a 60’s square emulsion filter applied, the Church of San Francisco is slide one colder.

Below are two images from Barranco, a district of Lima, with different Lo-Mob filters. The view on the left is 35mm medium format 2, the church filter is vintage instant-black.  The Lo-Mob app has 19 filters to choose from, easily previewed on your phone.

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  1. laurenfarquhar says:

    Great post! I’ve never used Lo-Mob, but I’m going to check it out. Pano is also a great app for panoramic shots, especially when travelling.

  2. swigertblog says:

    Great post! FYI Lo-Mob is actually free today (April 9th) in the App Store. I’ve been playing around with iPhoneography for the past few years. Some other apps to consider for your “arsenal” are: Snapseed, TiltShiftGen, MagicHour, and Photogene.

    I love reading the FRCH blog, and I’m one of those people on the 2nd floor in your building. 😉 Would love to put together an iPhoneography Lunch sometime with other FRCH’ers!

    Take care,

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