Bright Lights, 5th Avenue

Full of intensity and light, Uniqlo has opened a flagship store at 666 5th Ave. in New York. This store begins to beckon you from across the street, where second story window graphics flash behind  rotating mannequins.

   Elevators placed just inside the windows also have mannequins and graphics, and the vertical movement creates an energetic attraction for pedestrians. The store is three floors,  89,000 square feet, and stacked from floor to ceiling with the goods Uniqlo has become known for…..affordable basics like jeans, brightly colored sweaters, and their proprietary Heattech apparel. This Heattech apparel – thin shirts, camis, and leggings that supposedly raise the body temperature-completely filled one gallery of the store, and made me wonder what merchandise is planned for the summer?

This flagship, the largest in the chain, uses digital signage well. Endwall messages rotate between sale promotion and brand enhancement imagery. A huge screen at the top of the escalator successfully speaks to lifestyle, product details, and sale. The coat arcade has a marquis-like LED sign band promoting the sale.  What I really like about this store is the energy it creates, and in turn makes the shopper excited to be there. Judging by the activity at the sales counter, this excitement translates into sales!

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  3. Julie Renner says:

    Great piece, super creative energy and design for this lucky client! Love the photos.

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