Student Chair Design

One of my favorite courses at the University of Cincinnati’s nationally recognized College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning is the Industrial Design ‘chair quarter’. Students are challenged to understand fabrication, human scale and aesthetics through building an everyday object.

The chair quarter is a global rite of passage for industrial design students. This collection of chairs from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts is equally beautiful. Inspired by each student’s travel and experience, these designs are the definition of refined detail.

Elisabeth Våpenstad Holm – Tinde

Natasha Bendiksen Crona – Maple (left) Martin Ramstad Rygner – Vi-To (right)

Marte Straalberg – Ida

For more on the UC chair quarter, visit Michael Roller’s blog (full disclosure, our shared last name is not a coincidence!)

Emmanuel Carrillo Fall 2011

Lily daMota Spring 2011

Bradford Short Spring 2010

Via We Heart Another

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