A Classic Drink for St. Patrick’s Day

This one comes to us in the words of our very own Kate Kreimer, who would like us all to start St. Patrick’s Day off right!

What better way to commemorate the day than sipping an Irish Coffee.  Though more properly it should be called an ‘Irish-American Coffee’ due to its trans-Atlantic development.

This drink had its beginning at the old County Limerick air-terminal (now Shannon Airport) during a fearsome winter storm sometime in the 1940’s.

Romantic beginning!

A travel writer discovered it there in the 1950’s.  He brought it to San Francisco and introduced it to the then owner of the Buena Vista Café.  According to legend, the two of them spent the night perfecting the recipe.  Sleep?  Who needs it?

Research is grand!

Kate, in turn, discovered it at the same Buena Vista when she was living in San Francisco in the late 60’s.

Fate is a beautiful thing!

The Buena Vista recipe (the BEST, don’t mess with it) is recreated here for your enjoyment.  The bartenders there are now making up to 2000 Irish Coffees per day, following the original perfected recipe.  Visit their website for the full story.


At the BV the coffee is served in a clear 6oz stemmed heavy glass.  The amounts given are for that total.  For a larger, say 8 oz cup or glass, increase the quantities proportionately.

4 oz hot strong coffee

1 – 2 sugar cubes or 1 -2 tsp sugar to taste

1 jigger (1 oz) Irish whiskey

whipped cream to taste , softly whipped

Warm the cup with hot water.

Pour coffee into glass to about ¾ full.

Add sugar and stir till dissolved.

Add whiskey.

Top with whip cream.  To properly float the cream on top of the coffee gently pour over the back of a spoon.

Serve it hot and be sure to sip the coffee thru the whipped cream.  The first few sips where the cold and the hot are combined but separate in your mouth are delectable!

As for the Irish whiskeys to choose, Kate says, “Jameson’s – love their commercials – or Bushmills – my favorite For more recommendations check with the Fitzgeralds – senior and junior – or that old redhead O’Horwitz”.

Please enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day responsibly!

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