Nick Cave at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Nick Cave Soundsuits

Inspired by our recent ArtsWave campaign and a good recommendation from Paul, I spent last Sunday afternoon at the Cincinnati Art Museum. There is a lovely Monet exhibit happening now, as well as some great Picasso sketches.  But for me, Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are really the showstoppers.

The work is spread throughout the museum and provides lively, colorful contrast to the classic art and architecture.

Part Dr. Suess, part Jim Henson, and part Etsy, Nick Cave’s artwork sparks the imagination of my inner child and my (not-so-inner) crafter.  Collections of found items are sewn together to create these fantasy suits that raise questions about beauty, identity, and consumption. Sequined cardigans, toy tops, ceramic birds, human hair, and old afghans are just some the artist’s raw materials.

Visit their website for more information about the exhibit, related programs, and dates of the artist’s live dance performances!

Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth,Cincinnati Art Museum, (513)-721-2787, through April 29th. Tuesdays through Sunday, 11am to 5pm. Free admission.

Photos by James Prinz and

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