ArtsWave 2012

For many years, FRCH has supported ArtsWave (formerly “Fine Arts Fund”) through annual awareness and fund raising campaigns.  This cause is near and dear to our hearts because ArtsWave is an organization that funds and collaborates with a wide range of local art institutions to support the entire arts community of Cincinnati.  Their mission is ‘to be a leader and regional catalyst that works to advance the vitality and vibrancy of Greater Cincinnati by mobilizing the creative energy of the entire community’.  That’s a mission we can all get behind.  Last week was dedicated to the arts as we ran our 2012 campaign to support ArtsWave, FRCH style!

One of the highlights of the week was a live mural painting and installation by local artists Higher Level Art.  Starting Monday morning and throughout the week it was great to watch these guys in action.  We couldn’t wait to see what came next on each day.  The finished piece is an inspiration to us all and looks great in the office.  Here’s a time lapse of the project so you can see what we had the pleasure to watch unfold before our eyes.

Throughout the week, donated artwork was displayed in our ‘Art Gallery’, and each piece was up for bid.  There were some beautiful pieces sold at the end of the week, many of which were done by our own resident artists.  All proceeds from the sale went to the ArtsWave campaign.  Check out this donated piece, an aerosol on canvas titled “FRCH-Symptoms”, by our own Jon Lewis.

Other highlights of the week included a breakfast for the entire office, courtesy of Taste of Belgium and Coffee Break, complete with a little jazz guitar for ambience.

Our campaign ended Friday on a high note with a celebration that included great food and drinks and a performance by Bi-Okoto, a local West African dance and drum performance group.  We ended the bidding on the Art Gallery and the high bidders went home with some great new artwork at the end of the night.

This year’s ArtsWave campaign was a complete success and much gratitude is owed to those who helped organize it, those who contributed their time and services, and those who gave so generously.  FRCH is proud to have had the opportunity, once again, to promote ArtsWave and support Cincinnati’s wonderful, thriving arts community!

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