A Joke to Remember

An ode to two of my favorite things, type and comedy, The Comedy Carpet in Blackpool, UK was designed by Gordon Young, inspired by the show posters used in promotions over the city’s 100 year history of comedic performances.

Incredibly, each letter is routed out of 30mm granite, individually hand placed and embedded into concrete panels. This project takes the idea of type setting to an entirely new level. The endeavor even required developing new techniques and recipes for production, such as a blue granite that won’t fade.

An absolutely mammoth undertaking including 160,000 individual letters spread out over 320 concrete slabs, showcasing quotes from over 1,000 comedians. The website does a great job of explaining the work’s history and process, while this short clip does a better job than photos of displaying the sheer scale of the project.

Blackpool, Comedy Carpet from James Gilbert on Vimeo.

The pristine glossy finish. Now, I want to know what happened to those left over granite slabs of the letter negatives, I want to make a coffee table out of one.

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3 Responses to A Joke to Remember

  1. cristinaferrari says:

    I can’t begin to imagine how many labor hours went into this project, the outcome is incredible!

  2. lararoller says:

    Simply amazing. At first glance, I assumed this was a vinyl floor graphic, granite letter cast in concrete is such a beautiful detail!

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