Quick Trip to Chicago

A few weeks ago, Amy Baffi, Jennifer Eng, and I took a quick trip to Chicago. We had two goals.  One, to accept the LG Design Firm of the Year award; and two, to check out a few fabulous and new retail spaces. Our adventure started early at Soldier Field where we accepted the award, listened to a trend report by Little Fish, and took a tour of the Bears stadium. It didn’t take long before  we started our investigation of details, materials, and spaces.

Our first stop, which took longer than we expected, was Barneys New York. As we progressed through its 5 floors, we quickly learned that each floor was just as intriguing as the one before.

The fabulous sparkly floor in the entrance is too beautiful to just walk on, so we spent a little time admiring it…

Barneys didn’t disappoint as we meandered up the stairs. Not only are the clothes beautiful (and unfortunately a bit out of our budget), but the space itself is sophisticated yet playful in spirit. There are a wide variety of textures used throughout the store’s walls, flooring, and fixtures. The floors themselves are quite impressive, changing in color, pattern, and texture throughout the individual departments.  Surprisingly, the space feels quite open and bright while maintaining an intimacy that is not usually found in larger stores. The entire store, top to bottom, was quite a treat.

After Barneys, we made a quick stop at Chanel to check out the clean lines, black frames, and details. Although the store is rather simple with black and white, the variation in texture and scale make for a level of sophistication that clearly says Chanel.

We couldn’t pass up the newest of the new, so we stopped at the London based retailer Topshop. The store lives up to its name.  The exterior makes a bold statement on the street corner, while the interior is flashy and on trend. The ceiling and the floor are kept simple and plain, while the color comes from sparkly clothes and a few focals.

The last stop of our trip was the Topshop shoe gallery, which is in the basement of the store.  The room is filled with shoes and reflections, a hot spot without question! Overall, we had a fun filled trip full of new ideas and examples to bring back to Cincinnati.

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