Geometric Inspiration

I have a long-time affinity for quilts. While I love the heritage of traditional quilting fabrics and patterns, I am equally fond of modern geometry and more pure color palettes. As a designer, I’m fascinated by the endless combinations of patterns and colors.

I’ve put together a small sampling of images from my “quilting inspiration” file that fit a common thread. Today’s theme is triangles found in textiles, printed work, and jewelry.

I love these color combinations and the variation in scale here.

This cool pillow from Ferm Living could be translated into a great quilt. I think it is the color palette and placement that really make it feel modern. Next to it, CarsonToo’s youthful quilt has a seemingly random color placement that give it a fresh, unique feel.  I appreciate how the color blocks aren’t combined in regular, repetitious patterns.

CarsonToo also makes these pretty cards that mimick their quilts.  Perhaps these are studies of quilts-to-be?

Lastly, the geometry of this Larken necklace has a more irregular configuration than my other examples, which is exactly what I love about it.  Also, I’ve always wanted to make a monochromatic quilt, where the piecework and stitching become the true focalpoints.

Images from top:

The Triangle Quilt by Little Red Hen

Color Coding Necklace by Janelle Wisehart and Triangles Card by Dig The Earth

Remix Cushion by Ferm Living and Equilateral Triangles Quilt by CarsonToo

Greeting Cards by CarsonToo

Fractal Rascal Necklace by Larken

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