New Ravenna Mosaic Tile

Last week I stumbled across New Ravenna’s tile on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with their beautiful line. Considered the best local artisan of stone and glass mosaics, each product is handcrafted. Tiles are tumbled, honed or treated with a special finish to achieve subtle texture and shade variations.

Since I have the ability to pick out the most expensive [fill in the blank] I will disclose that this product is high end; as our Resource Designer Jennifer Eng said “it makes Ann Sacks look affordable.” This product may be a perfect fit for a high-end lounge in a department store or a suite in a resort or casino.

Browse the New Ravenna site for inspiration and note the ‘Design Tools’ which includes an area for high quality images for your concept board.

Giovanni Barbieri – Timeworn Bianco Carrara

Ikat Collection – Weft in glass Labradorite and Quartz

Raj in Thassos, Calacatta Tia, Driftwood

Ikebana in Nero Marquina and Ming Green

All images via New Ravenna

3 Responses to New Ravenna Mosaic Tile

  1. Love New Ravenna and proud to offer in my studio! Is simply the best US made mosaic offering. Prices range from $28-$52 SF on the Studio Line and from $44-$400 on the regular offerings based on pattern complexity and stone or glass chosen.

    Great mosaic work!

    Lee Nicholson

  2. Our dealer showrooms set the pricing, but the regular line of New Ravenna Mosaics are made by hand and run from around $44-$400 SF based on pattern/stone.

    We have created our best selling patterns in The Studio Line, which is read to ship in 48 hours.
    and runs approximately $32-$50 SF

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