Olek: The Art of Crochet

With the recent yarn bombing of the Cincinnati Bombshells, I thought this would be a good time to write a post about  New York City based fiber artist Olek.  The work above is from her solo exhibit, “The Bad Artists Imitate, The Great Artists Steal,” at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery this August. (Image via according2g.com)

(Image via agataolek.com)

Although there are clear parallels, it is worth noting that Olek draws a clear distinction between her art and yarn bombing. Known for covering people, objects, and entire apartments in crocheted camouflage, the Polish-born artist states of her work:

” I think crochet, the way I create it, is a metaphor for the complexity and interconnectedness of our body and its systems and psychology. The connections are stronger as one fabric as opposed to separate strands, but, if you cut one, the whole thing will fall apart. Relationships are complex and greatly vary situation to situation. They are developmental journeys of growth, and transformation. Time passes, great distances are surpassed and the fabric which individuals are composed of compiles and unravels simultaneously. “

2009 interview with See-ming Lee

To ring in 2011, Olek covered the famous Charging Bull sculpture on Wall Street with a pink camouflage sweater.  Because the bronze sculpture was an act of guerrilla art, (installed in 1989 without the city’s permission) Olek’s installation was to be a tribute to artist Arturo Di Modica. It was promptly removed by a care taker 2 hours after completion, but not before thorough documentation.

Watch her in action:

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  1. Love the colors & patterns. It makes such a statement!

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