Croque Madame’s iPads Ready For Take-Off

On my most recent jaunt through New York’s JFK Airport, something new caught my eye. Immediately, I noticed patterned wall-covering accented with bright pink edging and ambient pendant lighting in Delta’s Terminal 2. From across the terminal the space immediately stood out to me as a pleasant place to sit and relax while waiting for a flight, then as I got closer I realized something even more unique. At each and every seat within this terminal area was an iPad2, equipped with outlets and USB ports (in an airport, that’s equivalent to striking gold!).

Anchoring the space is Croque Madame, a restaurant serving up french cafe-inspired food and beverage offerings. And as for the iPads? They’re multi-functional, allowing users to place orders from Croque Madame’s menu, while also giving them the opportunity to access the internet, check their email, play games and generally entertain themselves while waiting for their flight.

Customers are first met with a Croque Madame home screen and digital menu, where they can place an order and pay with credit card directly from the iPad. A server will then deliver your order directly to your seat, which is easily identified by the unique ordering system.

I can’t speak for the food itself (unfortunately I was on a time crunch), but according to Yelp it has mixed reviews.  What I can say is this: Does the food really matter? I think a digital ordering system like this, in an aesthetically pleasing environment with access to the internet and OUTLETS is all but a trap for the captive airport traveler. In my mind it’s a great example of right time, right place technology.

First image via OTG Management

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