Leather Tiles by Studioart

I am a big fan of leather finishes, so I was thrilled to learn about Studioart, an Italian company specializing in leather interiors. A focus of craftsmanship paired with research and innovation set Studioart tiles apart from competitors. In addition to basic leather wall tile finishes, Studioart has several collections that use technology to create dramatic leather textures.

Tiles are available in flat or padded, with or without a top stitch and come in a range of sizes from 25x25mm to 600x600mm

Pezzara, tiles are covered with leather laces woven into cotton treads

Mushroom, leather is cut into thin films creating an effect that is ever changing

Rodeo, artisans use multiple techniques to improve upon specially selected cafe skin hides

via Retail Design Blog

4 Responses to Leather Tiles by Studioart

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  2. lararoller says:

    Thanks International Visual for sharing this beautiful tile with your readers!

  3. coryclinton says:

    I want the story on those decorative plates!

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