Gabe is the Devil

What do you get when you mash Steely Dan with a graphic designer who loves neon colors?

Day Glow Freaks is the new album by Gabe is the Devil, made entirely of Steely Dan samples.  While this is far from my bailiwick of furniture and materiality, I have been listening to the album on repeat in my headphones and needed to share my find! In addition to the tunes, Gabe created several music videos filled with bright and uninhibited graphics. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Download Day Glow Freaks here.

Infographics identify samples used to create each track

Image captures from ‘The Girls’

2 Responses to Gabe is the Devil

  1. coryclinton says:

    The music isn’t really my cup of tea, but I do admire his diligence in mapping out the various samples he used for each track and his project explanation, albeit a little long winded. Good motivation to revisit the originals.

  2. Chrystal Roggenkamp says:

    Very interesting, Lara. If you enjoy this, you should also check out the following link: It’s an infographic that breaks down Girl Talk’s latest album into its samples.

    I’m with Cory in that I don’t absolutely love this type of music, but I respect it as a valid approach to music making that is actually pretty relevant to our contemporary culture. We see designers reappropriating found objects and materials in different ways to achieve unique results, right? I see artists like Gabe is the Devil and Girl Talk as the musical equivalent!

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