Signage Around Town: Covington Edition

Designed, laid out and fabricated by hand, old signage can be beautifully unique and playful. I feel really fortunate to have some amazing vintage signs right in my neighborhood. Here are just a few examples I encountered on a little bicycle tour over the weekend.

Some classic blade signs. I can’t vouch for Inches, but if you haven’t been to Anchor Grill, do yourself a favor: stay up until 4am, then go get an egg sandwich there. You’re welcome.

The public restroom signage presented an interesting design omission, vinyl has been applied to both sides of the glass to create an outlined effect except heat and weather have caused the exterior vinyl to droop, apparently sending the entire establishment into disarray. I love the abstraction of the Campbell’s and Del Monte as oil drums, the illustrations are perfect.

Bold, iconic and weathered, these signs can be local landmarks and call attention to great neighborhood shops.

Stay tuned for other neighborhoods.

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