How a Table Top Can Dramatically Change a Style

Go from a table stuck in the 80’s with the Golden Girls to one oozing of rustic Napa Valley charm with a simple table top change.

We often do this with our Hampton client, allowing each property to have a bit of “local flavor” by changing out one element, like a table top, from a series of existing modules.

Using ordinary dimensional lumber and a few basic power tools, it’s easy to make the transformation.  In my case, I used 2×6 lumber, metal corner brackets and stain.

I had three table tops to make, so I built a Sketch-Up model to help determine the amount of wood I would need.

I started by cutting each piece to length, ripping off the rounded edges on my table saw and then cutting a chamfer around all the pieces with a router creating a V groove at each glued up edge.

While the glue-up dried, I painted and prepared the metal brackets for each corner by faux finishing with a variety of hammered and metallic paints.

After a coat of stain and an oil finish, the table was free of its 80’s style and ready for its new rustic look.  Keel Boat not included.

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One Response to How a Table Top Can Dramatically Change a Style

  1. Tamia says:

    Love it! I once did something similar with an antique door–so neat that you actually MADE this with your bare hands. That’s a completely foreign concept to me.

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