From Japan, With Love

I recently traveled to Japan, where I spent days visiting several cities between Tokyo and Kyushu on the bullet train.  Several months after the devastating earthquake and Tsunami, the country is still in the process of healing, but I was able to experience and appreciate (perhaps more than ever before) so many things the country has to offer…

As a designer, I planned to hit the streets of Tokyo in search of the most current trends in retail design, which I did.  But for my debut FRCH Creative Fuel blog entry, I decided to share a few things I found inspiring in some unexpected places.  What is so great about traveling is to see not only the popular things you have seen in books and magazines, but to hear, taste, smell and experience the culture… even if it is my home country.

Specialty shops line the streets near Kiyomizudera (temple) in Kyoto.

I picked this Bento Box up at the train station before getting on the bullet train….

A bamboo forest in Kyushu (My mother-in-law’s back yard…)

4 Responses to From Japan, With Love

  1. coryclinton says:

    Beautiful shots Mari!

  2. robynnovak says:

    What a great trip!

  3. Marty McCauley says:

    Very nice! I’m glad you are contributing and look forward to checking back in to read and see your posts. The bamboo forest looks impressive!

  4. wirtzamatronic says:

    Love the store logo print on the linen!

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