A Cincinnati Gem

This summer, Cincinnati has added yet another little gem to their list, The City Flea. This past Saturday, I joined a diverse crowd on the corner of Central and Vine hoping to find some interesting furniture for my slightly barren apartment. Although I didn’t find furniture, I found a wide variety of treats. The vendors ranged from homemade granola to consignment shop clothes!

In fact, there was such a good selection of items and so many people, it took several trips around before I could really get a good look at all that was offered. There was a jewelry vendor who took mug shots, Madville Studios who sold pottery from the back of a van, and a vendor who had an assortment of clothes, jewelry, and knick-knacks. It wasn’t just about design, the food vendors were perfect for a Saturday morning breakfast, brunch, or lunch including: Cafe de Wheels, Tea Love, Coffee Emporium, and Turophilia Quesadillas.

Not only was there a wide variety of things to purchase and eat, it was great to see some inexpensive ideas for product display. It wasn’t high gloss or glass, but the displays stayed true to the product and the brand. One of my favorites was the Whirlybird Granola displayed on stumps with samples in glass jars. Others displayed clothes, boots, and small items in stacked suitcases or wire baskets.

For now, City Flea is only a couple of times a month, but I am already pumped for August 6th. You don’t have to purchase anything, but the energy and creativity are well worth the trip to The City Flea. I recommend it to anyone who is up for a lazy Saturday afternoon!

A few pieces from the artist above.

Who can resist a welded pig?

Cafe de Wheels – One of the best burgers in the area…

A vendor who transforms old, “useless” items into new shiny treasures.

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