Color and Light Workshop with James Gurney

Over the long 4th of July weekend, I attended a workshop by artist and illustrator James Gurney at the Carriage House Art Studios in the Hudson River Valley of New York.

Seventeen artist from around the U.S., Canada and Germany set up easels in the restored carriage house and went to work.

The study of colored light effects is a great way to enhance both design and illustration skills by forcing one to see things in a different way.  Instinct and falling back on familiar practices were of little help.

On the first day we painted from white plaster casts so we could better see and understand the effects of bounced light and color shifts.  James gave several outstanding demonstrations and lectures.

We mixed our colors before we started painting, giving us the ability to make quick observations with the brush.

On the second and third day we were presented with three different life models so we could study the same effects on skin tone and colored fabrics.

Meal times were spent in discussion and the sharing of experience and ideas.

At the end of the third day, we left the studio and set up to plein air paint by the Hudson at dusk to study the effects of colored light in nature.

These techniques will add yet another layer of storytelling to the visuals we present to our clients.  Last time I checked, Las Vegas still had a few colored lights around the Strip.

Don’t forget, James will be here on October 29th for an informative and eye-opening lecture.

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