Decameron Blazes a Trail in Brazilian Architecture

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan’s design for the furniture store, Decameron, reflects an architectural trend in the country: the reuse of cargo containers to build stores, hotels and houses.

Decameron is set on a Sao Paulo street that is known for its decorative stores and Kogan’s design definitely guarantees that this one will draw attention. Through the use of stacked containers painted in very vibrant colors, the architect and his team managed to achieve the owner’s desire to build a store very quickly, with minimal cost that still represents the beauty and simplicity that are characteristic of the brand.

Six containers are arranged in two overlaid tunnels, creating a space where smaller pieces and decorative objects are displayed. Internal walls are covered with white MDF so all the attention is focused on the product. Both ends of the containers can be opened, providing cross ventilation that renders the environment a comfortable temperature. Attached to the containers is a large cubic hangar with a high ceiling and polycarbonate doors that allow natural light into the space. Furniture is displayed in room settings. In the back, Kogan designed an office and an inner garden, where old trees are preserved.

The store is one of the first projects in Brazil that has been recognized publicly for its use of shipping containers and is revered as a relevant example of this type of architecture. Just recently, Brazilian professionals are starting to see potential in reusing containers as a way to build faster, cleaner and cheaper, especially when compared to conventional masonry methods (which represent the majority of the country’s constructions).

It is also very refreshing to see commercial spaces being designed in ways that are not only environmentally conscious, but also creative in using inexpensive, alternative materials – particularly in high-end stores like Decameron.

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