Brilliant Basket Case

Video displays can be found anywhere and everywhere lately, but more often than not the placement, function and content of the display is sorely lacking consideration. Not the case with this incredible installation at Cal State University Fresno’s new Henry Madden Library.

A beautiful project completed by Narduli Studio out of LA, the entire building celebrates the traditional art of basket making. The crown jewel is a three-story LED display depicting a woman in a striking red dress as she weaves a basket from start to finish. The sheer scale of the display creates an immediate emotional connection with viewers, but the true impact plays out over the course of its 7200 hour continuous running time – creating a living piece of architecture that tells an ever-developing story of art and craftsmanship throughout the entire school year. Here’s a short video clip.

I thought this mural designed for the project was pretty nice too.

Images courtesy of Narduli Studio

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One Response to Brilliant Basket Case

  1. Justin Jehn says:

    pretty slick. reminds me of the chicago crown fountain. it really draws you in, should you happen upon it.

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