Top 5 | FRCH Jams of the Week

Here are some tunes that have been in my headphone rotation this week. Let me know if any of the sounds are working for you.

T. Rex – Mambo Sun From Electric Warrior (1971)

This track is classic material that everyone should know and love. The whole presentation just oozes a nonchalance that is undeniably cool and timeless.

The Miracles Club – Church Song From A New Love (2010)

This is a fun, 90’s styled house track that gets the crowd moving. The video for this song is hilarious (to me, at least) featuring a mix of weird, wildly styled hipster club kids getting down in a stark D.I.Y. sound stage.  Public access meets YouTube… love it!

Raphael Saadiq – Movin’ Down The Line From Stone Rollin’ (2011)

Saadiq has been featured in the Top 5 before, but his latest record picks up where the last one left off and deserves to be featured.  This good ol’ fashioned love song is probably my favorite cut off the new album.

Lord Echo – Thinking of You From Melodies (2010)

This is a reggae/dub cover of the disco classic by Sister Sledge. I can listen to this song on repeat all day long, especially now that it’s summertime.

Warpaint – Undertow From The Fool (2010)

Warpaint’s sound features dark and moody harmonies that remind me of the music I listened to in the mid-90’s…and that’s a good thing!

Can you dig it?

One Response to Top 5 | FRCH Jams of the Week

  1. coryclinton says:

    Awesome. Some next level fashion showcased in that Miracles Club video! How does a show like this not exist anymore? People today are hurting for that Soul Train experience.

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